We are building a community of Mia & Ben Freshbassadors to help us spread the word about our fresh and organic fruit and veg pouches!

If you are an active parent of a baby and/or toddler and have an outgoing personality, you sound like the perfect fit! 

It’s humongously flexible – you are busy enough so we don’t ask for much. While you are doing your weekly shop, take a peek at the kids dairy shelf and see if our pouches are fully in stock, take a picture of the shelf, share it with us (If we are not on shelf, give a quick nudge to the shop staff to put us back out.) . Every two weeks we would send you a £20 Sainsbury’s shopping voucher as a little reward for your help! You are totally free to spend the voucher on anything you fancy! Easy peasy!

We need help to spread the fresh news!

If you happen to know any superfreshalicious parents that have babies in the weaning stage or hungry toddlers, spread the love! If you know any kids activity providers or family cafes that would be interested in listing us, feel free to share!

All the bits in a nutshell:

  • Check if our products are on shelf and share a weekly pic of the kids dairy shelf with us – any feedback, ideas or thoughts are welcome!
  • Be the first to know about fresh news, flavours and get additional goodies
  • Spread the love!
  • We’ll reward you with some exclusive treats!

What’s next?

If you’d like to participate, find your local store here Send us an email to ambassadors@miabenorganic.com let us know your local Sainsbury’s store and we’ll get back to you with next steps!

If you know any fellow parents that would be up for it – let us know! We have 297 locations to cover! 😉 #babysteps

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