Child Safety: Top hacks for baby proofing your home

Before you know it, your baby will be on the move and you will soon come to realise that the saying “having eyes at the back of your head” isn’t just a saying. 

But of course having eyes on your little one at all times isn’t possible so here are some simple and handy hacks for baby proofing your home. 

Looking at your home it would appear safe and comfortable but once those little hands and feet begin exploring, you will feel better for having eliminated any worries and “what if’s”. Here are some top baby proofing hacks to get you started:


When your baby starts to learn to pull themselves up, more often than not they will choose furniture like television units and coffee tables for support. These pieces of furniture are likely to have sharp corners and are a hazard for knocks and bumps while your little one is getting steady on their feet. 

Soft corners are a must for keeping these sharp corners guarded. Lots of them come with near enough invisible tape, and are easy to secure on. 


Babies love to open doors and cupboards and having child locks in your kitchen or any other rooms which have cupboards in, is a must! 

Magnetic safety locks are a great option for baby proofing. They are fitted easily onto the inside of the cupboard door and only open with a magnetic circular key. It does take some getting used to but is definitely worth the peace of mind knowing your little one won’t be able to get into medical cupboards etc. 

You can either have it on child-lock mode when your baby is crawling around or you can simply use it as you normally would and have it unlocked just by a flick of the switch. 


All blind cords and chains should be out of reach so any hanging cords or chains should be secured around your home out of baby’s reach. 

All furniture including your baby’s cot should be away from the window. 


If you have furniture like bookcases or a chest of drawers that could topple over, you can secure them to the wall for peace of mind. 

Keep televisions on low furniture, pushed back as far as possible or you could opt for television straps which secure your tv for extra safety. 

If you have free standing lamps try and move them behind furniture so your little one can’t pull them down. 

Use door stops or baby proof door stoppers to avoid any hand or finger accidents. 


If you have any loose hanging electrical cords try to hide them so they are out of reach behind furniture.

Keep hair dryers, hair straighteners, toasters, and other dangerous electrical appliances unplugged and out of reach of baby. 


Choose a non-slip bath mat for baby and two other safety things you could go for are: Soft cover for bath spout. And covers  for bath taps.

If you are particularly concerned about a room, furniture or anything else in your home that you’d like to child proof ready for when your little one is on the move then it may be worth doing a little research online specially related. 

Head over to the Child Accident Prevention Trust website for super helpful resources and information for us parents!

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