Day out at the seaside with toddlers

It will be three years this winter that myself, my partner and our three month old son swapped city life for a new chapter by the coast. We moved out of London into our first family home in Kent, a short walk from the seaside and it’s safe to say we spend a lot of our time at the beach!

Now Arlo is nearly three, trips to the beach is his favourite place to go. We only have to mention the word beach and his little face lights up. You can imagine how excited he was to know we’d be spending the day at the beach with his cousin – and to be honest, it was just what we all needed, a nice family day out with our loved ones in the open!

What with everything that has been going on (wrong) in the world, we have decided that we want to simply make the most of the surroundings right here at home. While summer is still in full swing, a trip to the seaside can make up for cancelled holidays and the worry of flying abroad with children. 

The UK has plenty of beautiful spots to offer, so why not make it your mission to get down and soak in the sun and sea at the seaside while it lasts? The kids will have a blast – we promise!

The weather was on our side, our family had arrived from London and with just a close walk to the seaside we all set off to the beach!

We found a really nice spot close by to the rocks and the sea so that if the boys did want to paddle, we was wasn’t far away from our picnic base and could easily walk back and forth. 

We got there early to avoid not being able to get a spot, so setting off early to avoid disappointment, I would say is a must! OR, go later on in the afternoon as that way it might be a little quieter. 

The day consisted of eating, building sandcastles running away from the waves splashing against the shore only to try and chase them again and a good catch up with our loved ones! 

When it comes to packing for your day out at the seaside, I would say you can never have too much. Like any day out with the kids, I’d rather bring extra just in case…

For our toddlers: 

  • Sun cream
  • Sunhat 
  • Swimming shorts 
  • Change of clothes (extra pair of pants) 
  • Towels (and then an extra one!) 
  • A ball
  • Bucket and spade set
  • Dinosaurs (because they’re obsessed)
  • If still in nappies, bring swimming nappy and changing bits 
  • If potty/toilet trained bring portable potty incase 

To eat…

  • Sandwiches with their favourite fillings 
  • Fruit 
  • Crisps 
  • Sweet treat
  • Plenty of water

Parent stuff… 

  • Large picnic blanket. 
  • Plenty of water. 
  • Cool bag to keep all the food, and drink fresh. 
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and gel
  • Plenty of charge on phone/camera or portable power bank – you don’twant to miss out on capturing the day! 

Extra things you may want to consider…

  • Small pop up tent for the kids to play in, shaded from the sun.
  • Big umbrella to keep your picnic base shaded.
  • You could bring chairs but I’m not sure you will use them much, be prepared to be down on the sand/pebbles playing and chasing after your little ones!

And lastly have fun! The seaside is always a place for family memories to be made, enjoy! 

Mia & Ben Tip:

Our pouches are yummy and healthy snacks that can be kept fresh for up to 6 hours so they would be perfect for your day out at the seaside. Pop one in your cooler bag and you’re good to go!

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