Make Your Own Sock Puppets!

If you didn’t know already, it was National Lost Sock Day on 9 May… Yes, there is actually a day in the calendar to remember all of those lost socks which have strangely disappeared over the years. 

You know those socks at the back of the drawer, aimlessly there just in case you find it’s match, well now there’s a time celebrate their lonely existence.

Whether you knew about this national awareness day or not, here we dedicate an entire post on something fun you can do put the life back into those random odd socks and guess what? The kids will love it too! 

In celebration of National Lock Sock Day and a great way to get crafty with your little ones at home, we challenge you to turn those odd pairs of socks into your very own sock puppets

We took to the occasion and turned our Mia & Ben socks into a fun trio of animal creations! 

All all you will need to get started: 

    •       Some old odd pairs of socks

    •       You can either make your own kit of crafts to use – string, pom pom’s, and felt to cut out different shapes.

    •       Or you could grab a crafts kit from Amazon which has everything you need to design your very own animal sock puppets! 

We followed the animal designs from this kit to make an elephant, chicken and a cow but the great thing about sock puppets is you can freely create any kind of puppet you want! 

This craft idea is also great fun for little ones who love sticking things on and seeing the finished creation! 

You could even just let them stick things on the odd pairs of socks (without a puppet in mind) as an alternative to paper or their colouring books.

We had lots of fun creating these and I hope you will too! Let the sock puppet fun puppet begin…

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