Every journey begins with a bowl of soup – or at least ours did. In our soup restaurant in Soho, London, we started to think about why you can buy fresh soup, but you can’t buy fresh kids’ food in the same way – convenient, nutritious and fresh from the fridge. 

And so Mia & Ben was born.  We want to create a movement that inspires parents to demand that their kids’ food is better. We do this by utilising cutting-edge food science and an in house team of nutritionists to keep all of the ingredients fresh, healthy and most importantly, delicious… All that is a mouthful, so we call it Superfreshalicious!


“Making kids’ food super is what drives us. Super means better, super means less processed, super means utilising the latest food science. We believe in creating healthier, tastier products through research and a massive pinch of fun!”


“We’re on a mission to revolutionise food for kids. We want to create a movement that makes parents demand their kids’ food is better. Using food science, we will constantly innovate to feed kids the healthy, tasty food they deserve.”


super =

We are always innovating, experimenting and developing. We will always come up with new ideas, so kids get the best food possible.

honest +

Don’t overcook it, we are always straight, direct and honest about our process, ingredients and our business.

fresh +

It’s all about flavour, colour and nutrition of our ingredients - fruit and veg and cooking are our passions.


We make food for future generations, this shouldn’t be at a cost to the environment or society.

the Mia & Ben

We put research at the heart of Mia & Ben. Our team is currently working on ways to optimise the technology we use: HPP (high-pressure processing). 

Most baby foods are heated to high temperatures in order to kill bacteria. HPP uses pressure rather than heat, and has been shown to preserve important vitamins when compared to traditional heat-based techniques like pasteurisation or sterilisation. Plus, it means ingredients like mango taste a lot more like fresh mango by the time they make it to your baby’s bowl (or the floor) – because who would heat a fruit puree at home?

We don’t want to just take someone else’s word for it though, so we’re conducting our own experiments to make sure that the flavour, colour and texture of our food are the very best that they can be.