Weaning 101: Texture

Weaning 101: Texture

When starting with weaning, foods are traditionally pureed as it helps your little one adjust to new textures and flavours. This is called Stage 1.

You can progress to more textured foods when your baby seems comfortable to do so, typically at around 7 months. At this point, mashed foods (with lumps) and finger foods are a good next step. You’ve reached Stage 2!

Finger foods enable your baby to practise picking things up. They’ll initially do this with their whole hand, but slowly start to use their forefinger and thumb from about 8 months old. (Remember, every baby is unique so don’t worry if these timings are a little different for you.) 

Finger foods should be soft to start with (think steamed carrot batons or banana) but can progress to harder or raw foods (like celery or peeled apple) at around 10 months. 

Remember to always stay with your baby when they’re eating due to the risk of choking.

Babies have a sensitive gag reflex, which can sometimes be mistaken for choking, so many parents attend a first aid training course for peace of mind. You can ask your local healthcare advisor or parent and baby group for details of courses in your area.

By 10 months, and in stage 3 of weaning, larger chunks of food and a wider variety of flavours should be enjoyed in anticipation of the one year mark. By this point, your baby will hopefully be eating similar flavours and textures to the whole family. It’ll be happening in no time!

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