Why Gardening Is Great For Children.

And easy things you can grow this spring!

As we are all going to be spending a lot more time at home now is the perfect time to try something new! While the prospect of a couple of hours peace while they watch their screens may seem appealing, try something that the whole family can enjoy, try gardening.

We know that outdoor play works wonders for a child’s development and learning so why  not start giving our kids a reason for going outside and embracing nature? Gardening could just be their thing. Here are the benefits of getting our kids into gardening with some fun things for you to grow inside and outdoors! 

Family bonding

Are you worried that you don’t spend much time as a family doing things together and want a fun activity that everyone can enjoy? Make plants your next mission. More hands are better than one and it can be quite a lot of hard work so share the load and make it fun.

You can delegate the responsibility by days of the week so everyone knows their roles and you can all work together to grow some really special things. 

Learning & healthy eating

While kids can learn about all the different species of plants and flowers, and types of vegetables and herbs through growing them, they can also learn about the ones they need to help them grow.

Lots of vegetables can be grown inside, ones you may least expect too, like carrots. By giving our kids the responsibility to look after familiar vegetables they’ve seen on their dinner plates may even encourage them to eat more or try new ones they might not be so familiar with. They will feel a sense of achievement by growing their own vegetables and won’t be able to resist trying their very own creations.

Growing your own vegetables at home will also give you the opportunity to teach the kids about the preparation or the seasoning that goes into cooking their favourite meals.

Gardening with your kids will also teach them about the different factors that may determine the success of a plant, like the different seasons, and the weather… and even creepy crawlies! It’ll definitely crossover to some of the stuff they might be learning at nursery or later on it at school and  may even give them a little head start.

Sensory & co-ordination

Gardening stimulates and engages children’s senses without them even realising it. They will begin to recognise different types of plants through looking at their beautiful colours, their unique smells and even the different feel of each plant.

Gardening also helps to develop their fine motor skills, from picking up tiny seeds and even pulling up weeds. It will also help to build physical strength as it requires the body to work hard while digging and watering.

Patience & responsibility 

From the moment you plant a seed, that plant or vegetable will require daily care and children will learn that they are responsible for their growth so if they don’t look after them properly, they won’t see the finished results.

As with anything, it’s not an overnight job and children will start to learn that patience is a virtue when waiting for their plants and vegetables to flourish.

Planning & organisation

Gardening requires quite a bit of planning and organisation as some plants grow better at certain times of the year. Others need more space, and some grow better in rows so use gardening as an opportunity to discuss how best to organise and plan your garden or the pots inside your home. 

Once planted, deciding who will care for the plants each day can be another opportunity to plan and organise together.

Getting the kids into growing their own plants and vegetables will be hugely beneficial and the best part is, they’ll have lots of fun doing it, while you’re also be doing your bit for the environment! Happy gardening!

7 easy peasy things for kids to grow


A side order of carrots for the kids dinner can surprisingly be grown indoors in a deep enough pot. Just make sure they are on a sunny windowsill and plant every 2 weeks to keep them coming all year round.


Strawberries need a bit of space to grow, so they could be a bright, sweet and delicious option for your garden. Once grown, kids will love snacking on them straight from the vine!


Introduce your kids to their very first house plant and grow a dwarf lemon tree which will provide full size, juicy lemons to brighten up your home.


Getting the kids to grow vegetables they may not be familiar with yet will be a good way to get them trying new things. Introduce the kids to a superfood and grow kale, a great vegetable to grow indoors all year around. 


Try growing cherry, grape and pear tomatoes, which come in red, yellow, and orange colours. They’re super sweet and bite-sized, so perfect for the kids to pluck straight off the vine and munch and can be grown inside or outside.


For basil, make sure it’s a window that gets lots of sun. Once grown you can introduce the kids to adding it to their favourite dinners. They’ll absolutely love making pizzas with their homegrown basil!

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