Our fridge fresh range of organic baby food

All goodness, no guilt

What makes us fresher?

Our tasty blends of 100% fruit and gently cooked veg are protected by HPP*, which locks in vital vitamins and natural flavours. Fridge fresh and ready to go, we're all goodness and no guilt.

*HPP uses pressure not heat to keep ingredients as nutritious as possible.

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Real life parenting hacks, veggie tips and funny bits to keep you going.


Weaning 101: What & When

What even is weaning, anyway? In the first of our series, we explain what it is and when to start.


Weaning 101: Are you ready?

In case you need a little support, here are a few important (& helpful) reminders.


Weaning 101: Are they ready?

You’ve reached the 6 month mark, but how do you know the time is right?


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